Tarot, Cartomancy, and Bibliomancy

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I am available for more standard tarot, cartomancy, and bibliomancy readings in person (in NYC) or via skype.

Tarot: Tarot is good for getting a general temperature and for those big love, career, life-path questions. I like to use a variety of spreads, from a 10 (+1) Celtic cross, to a 7-card planetary spread, to a 6-card past, present future spread.

Cartomancy: Playing card readings tend to be more to-the-point and grounded in day-to-day worries and concerns. Where tarot might give you a sense of the Cosmic, playing cards can often feel like someone who’s not afraid to be blunt. I favor a five-card crossroads spread with these, but like the tarot, playing cards offer a great deal of variety and flexibility.

Bibliomancy: Bibliomancy, or divination via a book, is a great interpretive method. I tend to favor using a stack of wooden bibles, but we can customize the book to the questions you wish to explore. Problems at work? Maybe give Karl Marx: Selected Writings a go. Questions about love? We can consult the forces of the universe via Richard Siken’s Crush.

30 minutes — $60

1 hour — $100

Events (negotiable)

To arrange a reading, please use the form below.

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Preferred Day

Remote Poetry Tarot/Playing Card Readings

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A six-card tarot reading or five-card playing card reading, either general or regarding a particular question. You will receive:

  • A photo of the spread with a detailed description of what the cards appear to be saying that incorporates portions of poems, plays, etc.

  • Recommendations for potential action and poets or poems appropriate to the situation.

 Each reading is $20 and can be arranged by emailing cooper.wilhelm@gmail.com  


[As required by New York State law, all tarot readings and divination services are for entertainment purposes only. Whatever happens, please be entertained.]